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As you know, there are some security functions in WebSphere MQ that require an exit.  By now everyone should be familiar with BlockIP2, the well known channel security exit.  But there are a couple of other requirements that a channel … Continue reading

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Must-read article – Secure Software: 'See No Evil' is Not a Strategy

Given that software currently enables or imperils most aspects of our buying, selling, and communicating, it is time that responsible people acknowledge that this is a massive problem, and stop looking in the opposite direction. “See No Evil” is not … Continue reading

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Massive web site overhaul

Apologies to those of you who are following the blog if the changes have been bumpy. Today the site underwent a massive overhaul as the old static pages were tossed and the blog was moved up from a subdirectory to … Continue reading

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Question about benefits of WMQ Clustering

Here’s an email question I received today and my response: Does IBM have any write up for the advantage of using mq clustering vs non clustering setup? I am trying to get our application teams on board with using clustering. … Continue reading

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Running a standalone Java application on WebSphere MQ V6.0

In October 2006 I updated an article of Bobby Woolf’s articles Developing a standalone Java application for WebSphere MQ.  The article was updated to cover WMQ v6, JMS 1.1 and include a discussion of WMQ client vs. bindings mode connections.  … Continue reading

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