Massive web site overhaul

Apologies to those of you who are following the blog if the changes have been bumpy. Today the site underwent a massive overhaul as the old static pages were tossed and the blog was moved up from a subdirectory to become the main site. In addition, I’ve also migrated the content to the Cutline theme to add a little eye appeal. I’ve tried to make the updates as transparent as possible by redirecting the old php pages to their new WordPress equivalents.

Among the problems I’ve noticed are that the code listings are now written inside a box which auto-scrolls. If the scroll bar appears below your current page position, it is not immediately apparent that you are not seeing the entire line of code. I like that the scroll box keeps the page content from overflowing or wrapping so I may address this by adding colors or borders to the box. Or I may decide to let the text wrap. Still trying to decide what works best. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Speaking of comments, I figured out that I can keep spam down by enabling comment moderation which in turn allows me to make registration optional. Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow your comments to appear immediately. Again, your thoughts on the matter are welcome.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a solution for redirecting from the existing blog pages from the old URLs to the new URLs. I’m looking into redirects and rewrites but may not be able to spend the time to resolve this issue correctly.

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