Welcome to the Store and Forward Messages blog. The name is a reference to the asynchronous messaging style.  This type of communication takes place through discrete messages which are produced, forwarded to their destination and stored until such time as they can be retrieved.  One such system that you are probably familiar with is email.  Another is the commercial messaging product by IBM that I specialize in – WebSphere MQ.

My name is T.Rob and I work for IBM as a product manager for WebSphere Connectivity & Integration products.  I specialize in WebSphere MQ security and clustering.  My job affords me the opportunity to travel and work with different clients on interesting projects. I also speak at conferences and write articles on the topic of WMQ security.  This site allows me to provide updates and news in support of those activities.  In particular, anything related to security can be expected to change over time and if anything I state in a developerWorks article becomes outdated I will update it here.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife and a few cats.  My in-laws live right next door with their atomic-powered hyperactive Sheltie and some folks compare us to the Barone family of Everybody Loves Raymond fame.  When I want to write something not related to WebSphere MQ, I post it at The Odd is Silent.