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IBM MQ Managed File Transfer

Command Server Gotcha

The title of my last post, Client-based runmqsc gotcha, was a bit of a misnomer.  Although I stumbled onto it using runmqsc client, the root cause of the issue really lies with the Command Server.  That means anything that drives … Continue reading

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MQ V8 Certification

Would it surprise you to know there’s an MQ V8 System Administration certification?  Normally I run down and take the test as soon as it’s available but this one has been out since January 14th and somehow I missed the … Continue reading

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Configuration backups: the forgotten WMQ security control

Update: IBM has reconsidered and has announced that dmpmqcfg will be fixed as a defect! Subscribe if you would like a notification when the fix is announced. But please do read the post, especially if you are using amqoamd for … Continue reading

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Handy IMPACT conference cross reference

With IMPACT fast approaching, I’ve compiled a cross reference of all the web sites, twitter handles, hastags and session agendas that I know of.  Feel free to add more in the comments!

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Administering FTE from stand-alone explorer

Rich Cumbers posted a mini how-to describing the procedure to install the WMQ File Transfer Edition plug-in into the stand-alone WebSphere MQ Explorer.  Should be very useful.

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The Deep Queue – Episode #8: The good news and the bad news

This episode of The Deep Queue contains news about the new MSoT stand-alone WMQ Explorer SupportPac, yet another payment processor data breach, updates to some items we’ve covered in the past and breaking news about a WebSphere MQ interim fix … Continue reading

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MSoT: Stand-alone MQ Explorer download

More good news for WMQ users!  WMQ Explorer is now available as a Category 3 SupportPac, which means it is free, can be downloaded separate from the install media and is supported for customers with a valid WebSphere MQ license. … Continue reading

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WMQ File Transfer Edition launched

I’ve been haunting the Vienna MQ list server for long enough to have seen the topic of moving files over MQSeries, and later WebSphere MQ, raise it’s ugly head on many occasions.  I say “ugly” because creating a general-purpose program … Continue reading

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WMQ meta news

Good to see Ben Mann has a new blog.  You may know Ben as the Product Manager for WebSphere MQ but his blog is all about the new Managed File Transfer product being developed in Hursley Labs.  For years people … Continue reading

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