MQTC v2.0.17 Sessions

My two sessions from this year’s MQTC are posted:

MQ Automation: Config Management Using Baselines, Patterns and Apps
Take the grunt work out of MQ configuration management for virtualization, cloud, and large networks by applying a layered approach. This session will introduce the concept of building an MQ configuration from a baseline, then defining a class of service with a pattern layer, and finishing off with application configurations. This modular approach dramatically improves consistency, quality, and flexibility while greatly reducing cost. In compliance environments it provides a definitive as-specified configuration to which the as-running state can be reconciled at intervals or in near-real time. A basic script framework for implementing this system will be reviewed as well.

MQ Automation: Config Management using Amazon S3
The central server needed to set up an MQ configuration Management system turns out to be a consistent showstopper, but with a few pennies and a few scripts you can use Amazon Simple Storage. This session introduces scripts that automate QMgr builds with a local shell script that queries a flat-file configuration database stored in the cloud. It’s dirt cheap and super simple yet can reduce the time and cost of building MQ nodes while improving quality and consistency.

Note: I created a dedicated user for the conference and am supplying the ID and key in the session materials. Download the slides so you can cut-and-paste the commands to install the AWS metadata files.

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