Running a standalone Java application on WebSphere MQ V6.0

In October 2006 I updated an article of Bobby Woolf’s articles Developing a standalone Java application for WebSphere MQ.  The article was updated to cover WMQ v6, JMS 1.1 and include a discussion of WMQ client vs. bindings mode connections.  The result was Running a standalone Java application on WebSphere MQ V6.0.  I don’t have any erratta to report on the article as yet but it is consistently one of the top read on developerWorks and generates a lot of email.  Perhaps some of that discussion can migrate over here.

The most frequently asked questions involve getting the sample code up and running.  The code comes with scripts that set up the CLASSPATH and define the managed objects but they include a number of defaults.  In particular, they expect a QMgr named JMSDEMO.  It is possible to use a different queue manager or to install the sample code somewhere other than C:\ but it is necessary to edit the values in the scripts.

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