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MQTC v2.0.17 Sessions

My two sessions from this year’s MQTC are posted: MQ Automation: Config Management Using Baselines, Patterns and Apps Take the grunt work out of MQ configuration management for virtualization, cloud, and large networks by applying a layered approach. This session … Continue reading

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CHLAUTH research updates

I’ve added a “Versions” tab to the results matrix, corrected some copy/paste errors, and uploaded new copies of the PDF and Excel versions.  Over time as new results are added or corrections made I’ll replace the existing documents so the … Continue reading

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If you can read this…

…we are back up at the new web hosting service, Site5!

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Are messaging hubs an anti-pattern?

I have worked over the last decade with many customers who were consolidating their MQ footprint. It’s a familiar pattern – there are many queue managers, they tend to be lightly loaded, why not consolidate to a central hub? Now … Continue reading

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Presentation from today’s NY/NJ MQ User Group meeting

I will move this to SlideShare after making a few more edits per today’s comments and notes.  At that point I will link to it from the Links page, same as all the others.  But for now, please enjoy! This … Continue reading

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Configuration backups: the forgotten WMQ security control

Update: IBM has reconsidered and has announced that dmpmqcfg will be fixed as a defect! Subscribe if you would like a notification when the fix is announced. But please do read the post, especially if you are using amqoamd for … Continue reading

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Webinar: Security Defenses that Withstand the Test of Time

Please join AJ Aronoff and me for a Prolifics webinar: IIB: Security Defenses that Withstand the Test of Time For the last 7 years my security focus has mainly been intrusion prevention.  That’s all the controls you use to keep … Continue reading

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It’s time for sensible password security standards in the PCI-DSS

Passwords are the keys to the Internet kingdom.  Sure, there are certificates that identify sites and provide the basis for TLS encryption, but it is the user ID and password that authenticate you almost everywhere you log on to something.  … Continue reading

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WMQ Training for Beginners

The email stream lately has included many requests for training suitable for beginners new to WebSphere MQ.  This is good because it implies new customers or a larger community of developers and admins.  My pages here are organized as more … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Disaster Recovery

I’m often amazed by the amount of synchronicity in the world.  Most recently I’ve been flooded from all sides with discussions about disaster recovery and of those, almost all wanted to achieve a zero recovery point without sacrificing performance.  Since … Continue reading

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