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A collection of links relevant to WMQ security. A few of these are duplicated elsewhere on the site but are collected here in one spot for convenience.

WMQ Security on z/OS

Tom Schneider has written several articles on WMQ security on the z/OS platform.  I’ve linked these here and will index any additional content on this topic here as well.

  • WebSphere MQ for z/OS security – This article examines WebSphere MQ security on z/OS, with particular attention to controlling administrative access, and using RACF classes effectively for MQ security.
  • Comparing WebSphere MQ security on distributed platforms and z/OS – While the same WebSphere MQ objects — queues, channels, and so on — are protected on all platforms, what can be protected and how it is secured differ greatly between distributed and z/OS.
  • Getting started with WebSphere MQ for z/OS security – This introduction to WebSphere MQ for z/OS security will be helpful for those who are familiar with z/OS but not with WebSphere MQ, and for those who are familiar with WebSphere MQ and would like to understand how to secure it on z/OS.


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