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If it doesn’t fit somewhere else…

Thoughts on Disaster Recovery

I’m often amazed by the amount of synchronicity in the world.  Most recently I’ve been flooded from all sides with discussions about disaster recovery and of those, almost all wanted to achieve a zero recovery point without sacrificing performance.  Since … Continue reading

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Books, webinars and conferences, oh my!

The new WMQ Security book is into the review stage now and coming slowly along.  The four weeks we were all together in Raleigh flew by so fast it is amazing how much we were able to get done.  The … Continue reading

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Sharpening the saw

I am fortunate this year to participate in many seminars and conferences.  I just finished IMPACT and on June 5th I’ll be in New York for the WSMQAdmin seminar there.  The following week I’ll be in Zurich for the TI&M … Continue reading

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PCI zone and non PCI zone in same DataPower box

I’ve been having PCI Déjà vu lately.  It seems the same questions keep coming up over and over.  One strategy for compliance that is nearly ubiquitous is to segregate the PCI data from the rest of the network.  In practical terms, … Continue reading

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Encrypting passwords in config files – secure or not?

Not long ago a colleague told me he wished that he could use a .kdb format keystore for his Java applications.  When I inquired as to why, he said he liked that the .kdb includes the ability to stash an … Continue reading

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Posted WMQ v7.1 “What’s New” presentation

The much-awaited “What’s New in WMQ v7.1” session has been surrounded by technical issues.  On the first day of the conference it was completely omitted from the agenda.  The repeat is listed on the agenda with the wrong title.  Today … Continue reading

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WSTC 2011 WMQ/WMB presentations

The WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker presentations scheduled for the 2011 WebSphere Technical Conference in Berlin next week are listed after the break. When I’m not presenting or meeting you can probably find me in one of the security-related … Continue reading

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Lab materials actually posted this time!

The link I gave out earlier is actually a good link, the problem was that after uploading the files, I neglected to update the index page to point to them.  That’s been fixed now and the session materials have … Continue reading

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Avoiding insider threat

Passing along this article from Adam Bosnian of Cyber-Ark Software: Practical advice on avoiding the insider threat.  The whole article is worth reading but one item stood out: Best Practice #4: Secure Embedded Application Accounts Up to 80 percent of … Continue reading

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Wrapping up IMPACT 2009

Well, this is the last day of IMPACT. It’s always lightly attended as many folks take Friday as a travel day. I have one more session this morning though. It’s the WMQ ESE introduction. Overall the WMQ security sessions were … Continue reading

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