Wrapping up IMPACT 2009

Well, this is the last day of IMPACT. It’s always lightly attended as many folks take Friday as a travel day. I have one more session this morning though. It’s the WMQ ESE introduction. Overall the WMQ security sessions were well attended. Even the small rooms were large, compared to past conferences, so my feeling is that interest in WMQ security seems to be rising. That’s a Good Thing.

I also met with many different folks in one-on-one meetings, Premium Support Zone and just walking around the hallways. It’s great to talk with you in person and is for me the most valuable part of the conference. Thanks so much for talking the time to stop and chat with me.

My theme for the conference has been “your feedback is essential”.  Phil Parry and the rest of the Useability team ran several feedback sessions during the conference, including some for WebSphere MQ.  Morag tells me she heard from many of you during the conference. The plan is coming together! Keep up the good work.

I have a day at home this weekend to wash clothes, pack, do some lawn work and then back on the road to Boston. Monday evening when I finally come up for air I plan to work on a few new postings for the blog and start on the next Mission:Messaging column. So stay tuned, more news and content is coming. One of the things I want to do is post a “security feedback reporting kit” with links to the WMQ requirements form. I hope there will be lots of comments adding to that post with more suggestions and letting us know what response you get from the lab.

That’s it for now – another customer meeting in 15 minutes to get to.

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