Lab materials actually posted this time!

The link I gave out earlier is actually a good link, the problem was that after uploading the files, I neglected to update the index page to point to them.  That’s been fixed now and the session materials have been posted.  Feel free to give out the short link above or from this page, just click on the “links” tab above.  The WMQ Security presentation and the WMQ Security Hands-On Lab materials are there now.  Sorry for any confusion and much thanks to everyone who emailed or told me in the sessions today about the problem.

Thanks also to all of you who attended the lab here at #ibmimpact and stuck it out through the text file editing issues in Module 2.  Based on feedback from today’s session I have a few changes that will be made in both the lab guide and the scripts.  Check back here in a couple of weeks for the updated versions.  Your feedback is essential and VERY much appreciated!

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