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Choosing a PCI DSS Auditor? Does WMQ awareness count?

James DeLuccia’s post about choosing a PCI DSS QSA auditor has some good advice.  I would add to his list a criteria one of my own: the auditor should at least know how to spell WMQ.  Or JMS.  Or “message … Continue reading

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The Deep Queue – Episode #6: The Myth of the Trusted Internal Network

In this episode of The Deep Queue I explain why I believe the “trusted internal network” is a myth.  Many of the problems that I see on consulting assignments would have been prevented by the same security measures I recommend … Continue reading

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SSL certificate irony

I happened across Doug Munsinger’s post about refreshing WMQ SSL certificates.  On the one hand, it’s good to know someone else out there is using SSL with WMQ.  On the other hand, the certificate problem on Doug’s web site overshadows … Continue reading

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WebSphere MQ security heats up

developerWorks article WebSphere MQ Security heats up from November 2007. Are your MQ channels as secure as they should be? What you need to know about recent developments in IBM® WebSphere® MQ security and, more importantly, what you need to … Continue reading

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What you didn't know you didn’t know about WebSphere MQ security

developerWorks article What you didn’t know you didn’t know about WebSphere MQ security, published January 2007. Most WebSphere MQ administrators have taken steps to secure their messaging network, but a surprising number of these installations are still wide open. Is … Continue reading

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Running a standalone Java application on WebSphere MQ V6.0

In October 2006 I updated an article of Bobby Woolf’s articles Developing a standalone Java application for WebSphere MQ.  The article was updated to cover WMQ v6, JMS 1.1 and include a discussion of WMQ client vs. bindings mode connections.  … Continue reading

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