The Deep Queue – Episode #10: Cash in on mortgaged risk!

No, that’s not mortgage risk.  Someone’s already done that and look where it got us.  No,I’m talking about mortgaged risk – the act of saving time or money by accepting risk that is hard to measure but easy to hide or ignore.  The risk is essentially a mortgage on your future.  A hidden cost that will be paid eventually.

WMQ security as practised in the real worldIn this episode of The Deep Queue I consider just how much risk has been stuffed into the closet over the years.  There’s a lot of unsecured MQ out there, after all.  Up to now I’ve focused on what it means to the companies who are exposed.  But this month I propose that this massive amount of deferred investment represents a great opportunity for companies positioned to perform assessments, implement remediations, or provide tools.

On the lighter side, listener email this month included a funny cartoon which I hope you enjoy.

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