Slides for PCI Knowledgebase webinar posted

Join me Wednesday April 15th @ Noon Eastern for a webinar hosted by the fine folks at PCI on the topic of WebSphere MQ for QSA’s.  Register for the webinar at this link.  The slides have been posted here.

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  1. David Mundhenk says:

    Excellent presentation! Great tie-ins with PCI. Well done.

  2. Hi T. Rob, According to the second slide:
    WebSphere MQ Security Presentation Series
     This presentation is part of the WebSphere MQ Security Presentation
    Series led by T.Rob Wyatt with help from so many others
     Available internally at
     Related presentations
     We assume you’ve seen or are familiar with
    • Core Concepts (From the WAS Security Presentation Series)
    • WMQ Security Introduction
    • Authorization Overview
     You may be interested in
    • WAS Security Presentation Series available internally at
    Is there a way for us external folks to access the internal presentations referenced in this publicly accessible slide show?

    Thanks! Dave

    • T.Rob says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for asking! We have an extensive curriculum in the Software Services for WebSphere team built around WebSphere Application Server and a growing body of work for WebSphere MQ. We make some of these available publicly and you can find them on my web site and at But some of the content is only available in the context of an engagement. The immediate reaction to this might be that it’s a tool to sell engagements and I suppose on some level it is. However the implications of getting security wrong can be quite serious and some of the content cannot easily be boiled down to a slide deck and handed off for self-study. Some of the content is best delivered face-to-face and in fact when I do security skills transfer I insist on performing the engagement in person. So if anyone is interested in the other content available in the WAS or WMQ Security Presentation Series, they can contact me, Keys or their friendly IBM Services rep and we will be more than happy to set something up.

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