No MQ presentation at Defcon this year

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Defcon speakers and schedule to see if any new WMQ presentations would be announced this year.  I know that Martyn Ruks who presented last year has a new WMQ security white paper and I was expecting him to be slotted in the schedule again this year.  But the schedule has finally been published, it appears to be final and there is no mention of MQ on it.

For users of WebSphere MQ, I would characterize this as a Good Thing.  If the increasing number of number of assessments and remediations is any indication, many of you are starting to take WMQ security seriously.  The lack of an MQ presentation at Defcon this year perhaps means that we have some more time to bolster our defenses.

This also means I don’t need to fly out to the middle of the desert in August.  When I’m in Vegas I like to get away from the casinos once in a while.  You know, get some fresh air and some sun.  I just don’t want to be like the Purifier guy in the The Chronicles of Riddick who walks out from the cave and instantly bursts into flame in the sunlight.

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