When automatic translators go wrong…very wrong!

I just found a blog post about WMQ security that has, I believe, been run through an automated translation service with unintentionally hilarious results.   Here’s an excerpt:

WMQ Adventurer authenticating a connexion to a queue director
For both waiter and client hallmark, the queue director demands:

  • The personal credential released to the queue director by it Holds Calcium ( credential authorization )
  • The queue director ‘s private key
  • The Ca ( certification dominance ) credential for WMQ Adventurer, or the personal certification published to WMQ Adventurer by it Holds Calcium

all of which will be comprised in a cardinal deposit file ( frequently key.kdb ), placed by the queue director ‘s SSLKEYR property.

Of course, “waiter” is “server” and “cardinal deposit file” is “key store file” but I’m still trying to figure out which CA company name was translated to become “it Holds Calcium”.  And I kinda like “MQ Adventurer” as an alternative to MQ Explorer.  Conjures up images of Indiana Jones moonlighting as a Sysadmin.

(With apologies to the author because I believe it was written in earnest.)

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