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Meet the Bat-O-Meter!

Heard about the Bats of A Feather contest at MQTC?  If so then you knew contestants get 3 minutes each to talk about their best (worst?) IT story vying for awesome prizes.  But what you didn’t know – until now … Continue reading

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Paul Clarke facts

Chuck Norris has nothing on Paul Clarke.  Here’s my Top 10 reasons why: 10 – Documented message priorities are 0-9 but there’s an undocumented “Paul” priority. 9 – Paul doesn’t use message selectors. He just thinks about which message he … Continue reading

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WMQ Humor

Resurrecting something I wrote back in 2003 over a lunch break: MQ Message pick-up lines… Your queue or mine? What’s your sign-bit? Is that a COA in your message descriptor, or are you just glad to see me? What’s a … Continue reading

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When automatic translators go wrong…very wrong!

I just found a blog post about WMQ security that has, I believe, been run through an automated translation service with unintentionally hilarious results.   Here’s an excerpt: WMQ Adventurer authenticating a connexion to a queue director For both waiter and … Continue reading

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Comparing snail mail to WebSphere MQ

As you know, I’m constantly on the lookout for new messaging technologies that compete or interact with with WebSphere MQ. I recently came across the web site of Boredom Research where they are testing out a new Snail Mail system … Continue reading

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