The Deep Queue – Episode #1: PCI-DSS and WMQ

The first episode of the new Deep Queue podcast is online!  In this episode I introduce the podcast for a few minutes and then talk about a discussion that I had with some guys from the IBM Retail group.  The Retail group does a lot of work with PCI compliance and I wanted to talk with them because they are much more familiar with it than I am.  I focus on securing WMQ and PCI is just a small part of that practice.  On the other hand, the Retail team is normally focused on the customer-facing parts of the system more so than the messaging network so I thought they might learn something fro me as well.  I discuss all this in the podcast so I won’t go into it here other than to say it was a very productive discussion for all involved and I hope to work more with that team soon.

The podcast feed is:


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