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I haven’t blogged much lately because I’m on deadline for a new developerWorks Mission:Messaging column.  The next installment discusses changing culture to embrace SOA and how SOA impacts WebSphere MQ prevailing practices.  The premise is that migration to SOA is not just a configuration change or a development style but rather a cultural shift at the organizational level.  All the stakeholders need to “get it” and this includes the WebSphere MQ architects and administrators.  Some WMQ admin practices which made sense in the point-to-point world are less useful, even to the point of becoming anti-patterns, in an SOA environment.  I expect the article to appear roughly the second week of September.

In other news, watch this space for a new podcast on WebSphere MQ Security.  The first episode will be for August 25th and should be posted Sunday night or Monday morning Eastern time.  I plan to produce at least one a month for six months and then decide where to go with it based on feedback.  This will give me a way to expand on topics I cover in developerWorks as well as to discuss topics that might not fit in the developerWorks format.  I should point out here that the podcast will be a personal project and, like this web site, will reflect my own opinions and experiences and not those of IBM.

On a completely different topic, I’ve noticed that my Google alerts turn up several posts a day for WMQ jobs.  The subscription is supposed to catch news items but they are almost lost amongst the job postings.  While I am pleased at the notion of so much work out there in my specialty, it has turned my in-box into an extended game of Whack-A-Mole.  I’m beginning to think Louis Suarez has the right idea about email.

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