WMQ Security Open Mic announced!

developerWorks Technical Exchange is hosting a WebSphere MQ Open Mic on the topic of security September 16 from 11am – 12pm EDT.  The panel will include Tom Schneider, Morag Hughson, Paul O’Donnell and myself.  The deadline for be pre-submitted questions is September 7th.  There will be an open Q&A at the end but I expect this to be a very busy session and I would not count on having time for all the ad-hoc questions so pre-submit your question if possible!

The agenda so far is:

  • I put SSL on my application channels, is there anything else I need to do?
  • How do I apply authorization to a topic?
  • What security considerations exist for WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition (WMQ FTE)?
  • How can I find the cause of a not authorized error on z/OS?
  • How can I list security profiles used by WebSphere MQ on z/OS?
  • Open lines for live question and answer period

There will be a replay available within a few days after the session.  Full details are available on the event page.  We are looking forward to meeting with you!

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2 Responses to WMQ Security Open Mic announced!

  1. T.Rob says:

    Hi Vikas,

    Thanks for the kind comments! I and some of my colleagues in ISSW are always happy to perform WMQ security services and you can arrange this through your IBM ISSW rep or contact me directly and I’ll locate the appropriate rep.

    In addition, I know that there are other folks out there doing WMQ security assessment and remediation work. In particular, I’ve worked directly with AJ Aronoff from Prolifics and Maryellen Evans of Evans Resource Group here in the US. In Europe I’ve worked with Martyn Ruks of MWR Infosecurity. There are some others out there as well.

    If you do decide to get some outside help with MQ security, my advice is that earlier is better. I’ve been asked to perform post-implementation reviews and found massive (i.e. – costly) exposures that could have been prevented if I’d been consulted in the planning stages.

  2. Vikas R. says:

    Thanks for putting this high quality content about MQ Security on this blog.
    I wanted to know how one can engage MQ Security experts for a review.
    Is it to be arranged with IBM Software Services for Websphere only?
    Are there any other professionals who offer this service?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable input!


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