Let's (not) do the time warp again!

Wow, the last 24 hours has been…interesting…here at Store and Forward.  Friday night I noticed all of my blog posts after October 2009 had disappeared!  My hosting provider’s front page lists daily backups as one of their services so I contacted them and asked for a restore.  After the restore, the site looked exactly the  same – like a time capsule from October of last year.

Obviously the site had been like this long enough to have gotten picked up in the latest backups so I asked how far back the backups go.  One week.  One lousy week.  Sigh…  I guess if these are going to be meaningful, I’m going to have to take my own backups.  But wait – how is the site completely intact from 8 months ago if the hosting provider doesn’t keep backups?  Had someone hacked the site and…and carefully deleted all the content after a specific date?  Highly unlikely.

I signed onto the server using SCP to see if I could find any files with recent dates.  Oddly, the server gave me a different certificate fingerprint.  Was there a man-in-the-middle here?  A little more research and I found that the host I was pointing to was the one my site lived on before I added the SSL certificate, which had required a move.  Ahhh…so I wasn’t hacked and the hosting provider hadn’t restored from an incredibly old backup.  They had updated DNS and pointed me to the old server which, rather inconveniently, had the old version of my site still there. Whoops!

So DNS has been restored and it seems to have propagated across the net.  The site has all the current posts and I’m taking my own backups now.  Thanks to a few people who emailed to let me know.  I happened to find this about 6 hours before the first email arrived but it’s nice to know I would have been alerted.

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