Meetup in NYC or San Fran?

I’m headed to New York next week to visit some customers and to attend the Hursley Comes to You event at the NY/NJ User’s Group.  I have some open time on the 18th and the 20th if you are in the area and want to talk about WMQ, AMS, FTE (now MFT) on the topics of security, migration, upgrades, architecture or whatever.  I’m your representative in the Product Management team so tell me what works, what doesn’t and where you want the products to go.  In return I can give some presentations, help diagnose or fix problems, or advise on plans for your next big WMQ project.

Same deal if you are in the San Francisco bay area the week of the 25th.  I haven’t received travel approval for this trip yet but one or two more customer visits will lock it in.

What can you expect on these visits?  In one recent case a customer had locked down most of their channels but through a misunderstanding of CHLAUTH and MCAUSER had inadvertently left the entire network open to anonymous remote admin access.  It took us less than 5 minutes to discover that.  Since they had thought the security implementation had been completed, there were no plans to invest any more time or money in remediation.  They’d moved on to other things.  Once we had a chance to chat, they realized there was more work to do and are busy closing up the remaining holes we discovered.

In another case I worked with a customer to show how they could simplify their architecture by consolidating overlapping clusters, removing unnecessary alias queues and using generic authorization profiles.  This took a bit longer than 5 minutes.  About 30, if I remember correctly.  However, they are now spending much less time on administration and troubleshooting cluster issues.

Not in New York City or San Francisco?  As a product manager, I’m happy to come by for a site visit in the US or Europe.  If I can arrange to meet with one or two other customers while I’m in the area, I can usually get travel approval.

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Voice: 720-395-6997

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