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The email stream lately has included many requests for training suitable for beginners new to WebSphere MQ.  This is good because it implies new customers or a larger community of developers and admins.  My pages here are organized as more of a reference index and I realized they don’t necessarily meet this particular need.  I may put up a “New to MQ?” page at some point but in the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to capture the email and my response.Hi Rob,

Thanks for accepting the LinkedIn request. I am looking for online websphere MQ and Message broker training for beginners. If you are providing training in these technologies, could you please let me know  the details.

Also, Could you please share your tutorials and videos on these technologies?

Thanks a lot.

Most of my authored content is WMQ security and doesn’t directly fit the request.  However, there are many free, online information sources for new administrators, developers and users of WebSphere MQ.  Below is a quick-and-dirty list which I’ll probably clean up and organize at some point but will get you started.

Got anything to add?  Put it in the comments.  Just remember, this is about WMQ beginner education resources so even though your admin tool may be the best thing since sliced bread I’ll remove advertising links.

(Side note: What was the best thing before sliced bread?  Jimmy Carr says it was “really massive sandwiches.”)


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3 Responses to WMQ Training for Beginners

  1. rrao121 says:

    Roger – Thanks for the excellent collection of MQ Documents. Appreciate it
    Regards – Ravi

  2. Valerie Lampkin says:

    I didn’t see a link to WSTEs

    I have one that is “WebSphere MQ Basic Functions and Commands for New Users” but there are many other valuable WSTE replays available and new users can do a search as well for the topic they want.

  3. All,

    I have collected many user written MQ documents on various MQ subjects and posted them here:

    And I have also collected over 150 sample MQ code pieces/applications covering Assembly, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Java, Java/JMS, Jython, Perl, PLI, Python, Rexx and Visual Basic languages. You can find them here:

    Finally, like T.Rob, I write a blog on MQ, open source and anything else that I think a programmer may be interested in (or at least I’m interested in!!).

    Roger Lacroix

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