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Client-based runmqsc gotcha

Most shops running more than a handful of queue managers end up writing a script or two that sends commands to runmqsc and parses the responses.  Until recently the options were to run those scripts locally or to access remote … Continue reading

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Parsing MQ error logs in Splunk

A how-to tutorial and code samples for parsing #IBMMQ error logs in @Splunk.
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Dude, IBM broke my stash!

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, IBM has quietly changed the format of the stash file so that the various unstash programs no longer work. In this post I’ll discuss some of the security implications of that change and, since … Continue reading

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Inaccurate MQ auths event messages

The security maturity progression in MQ starts with access control.  First we isolate MQ Admin access, then add granular user and application access.  This class of security control is known as intrusion prevention.  After mastering that the next phase includes … Continue reading

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CHLAUTH research updates

I’ve added a “Versions” tab to the results matrix, corrected some copy/paste errors, and uploaded new copies of the PDF and Excel versions.  Over time as new results are added or corrections made I’ll replace the existing documents so the … Continue reading

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MQ Password/CHLAUTH research – Exec Summary

As of v8.0, MQ now can natively validate user IDs by checking the password against the Operating System or LDAP.  Checking against Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) was added in v8.0.0.4.  Prior to v8.0 it was necessary to use a channel … Continue reading

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Configuration backups: the forgotten WMQ security control

Update: IBM has reconsidered and has announced that dmpmqcfg will be fixed as a defect! Subscribe if you would like a notification when the fix is announced. But please do read the post, especially if you are using amqoamd for … Continue reading

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Webinar: Security Defenses that Withstand the Test of Time

Please join AJ Aronoff and me for a Prolifics webinar: IIB: Security Defenses that Withstand the Test of Time For the last 7 years my security focus has mainly been intrusion prevention.  That’s all the controls you use to keep … Continue reading

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We’re gonna need a bigger crowd

Crowdsourcing: Collaboration based on the idea that given a sufficiently large pool of talent, it is possible to create a specific deliverable of high quality and in a timely fashion, using donated excess capacity of the crowd. Some things just … Continue reading

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Back to consulting

Got WMQ security work?  I’m happy to report I’ll soon be available for consulting engagements!  After a couple of years in WebSphere MQ Product Management, and 6 before that in IBM Software Services, I’ve given notice to IBM and will … Continue reading

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