Paul Clarke facts

Chuck Norris has nothing on Paul Clarke.  Here’s my Top 10 reasons why:

10 – Documented message priorities are 0-9 but there’s an undocumented “Paul” priority.

9 – Paul doesn’t use message selectors. He just thinks about which message he wants and the QMgr delivers it.

8 – There is no message expiry. Only messages that Paul has allowed to live and those he has not.

7 – The signed certs trust the CA but the CAs trust Paul.

6 – Paul used to get terrible service in restaurants so he optimized the put-to-getting-waiter algorithm.

5 – Andy Stanford-Clark’s house has a sign out front that reads “Powered by Paul.”

4 – Paul authenticates to your QMgr with “it’s me.”

3 – When WebSphere MQ was invented they found a message already on the queue with the MQMD.UserID == pclarke.

2 – Paul doesn’t need his passport at customs.  He shows them his identity context.

And the #1 Paul Clarke fact:

Paul can cause a message in a rolled back UOW to be committed *and* still maintain transactional integrity!

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