MSoT: Stand-alone MQ Explorer download

More good news for WMQ users!  WMQ Explorer is now available as a Category 3 SupportPac, which means it is free, can be downloaded separate from the install media and is supported for customers with a valid WebSphere MQ license.

Here’s an excerpt from the internal email announcing this:

I’m pleased to announce that SupportPac MS0T: WebSphere MQ Explorer is now available for Windows:

For the first time, MQ Explorer is now available separately, and can be installed on a machine either with or without an existing MQ install. The SupportPac is available free of charge, and is supported for customers with an MQ license.

This makes MQ Explorer readily available to more of our customers, particularly z/OS and VSE customers, and improves consumability for distributed customers as for example they can now deploy MQ Explorer without having to deploy the whole MQ Server install image. It also improves consumability by enabling new installation options for Message Broker Explorer and MQ File Transfer Edition which both extend MQ Explorer.

A note on the SupportPac page says the Linux version is due out in the first half of 2009.

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