The Deep Queue – Episode #4: Listener email and why you should care about message types

In this installment we answer an email from a listener asking about channel authentication.  The requirement is for a channel exit pair that exchanges credentials securely then falls back to a plaintext channel.  In the second segment we talk about message types and how ignoring them opens up a vulnerability in your application.

Andy Piper suggested I get an iTunes feed and I’m planning on doing that but have not gotten around to it just yet.  Then again, I’m not sure how many folks are impacted by the lack of an iTunes presence.  Well, other than Andy, anyway.  I’ll try to have this option ready for the next episode.

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3 Responses to The Deep Queue – Episode #4: Listener email and why you should care about message types

  1. T.Rob says:

    Thanks Andy and Neil. I’m at he European T&M conference next week and then after that I will check out the Powerpress and an iTunes account. But in the meantime, I’m happy to know Feedburner is working as advertised. They do promise iTunes compatibility.

    Now I just need to find out how to make Audacity convert my stereo files to mono. Once upon a time I used Cool Edit which Adobe bought and promptly shut down. I hate when companies do that. I’m not about to drop $399 for Audition any time soon so I’ll need to find a good (cheap!) sound editor.

  2. Neil Casey says:

    Hi T-Rob,

    (I’m the bearded Aussie you met at Impact 2007 in Orlando)…

    on the issue of iTunes compatibility of the podcast:
    as a Mac and iTunes user, I can only cheer on the prospect of iTunes Store registration for the podcast, as it may help to spread the word. However, I can say that I have been able to subscribe to the RSS feed of the podcast using t-rob/deepqueue, and my iTunes automatically downloads each new episode.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Andy Piper says:

    BTW if you are looking at sorting out iTunes, I’m looking at moving from podPress to Powerpress for podcasting at the moment – seems to be a more actively maintained plugin with similar features.

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