Web site updates

Made the following updates to the web site:

WMQ Page

  • The MustGather link was stale. Updated it.
  • Added the WMQ Security MustGather pages.
  • Added a link to the Technote about WMQ file permissions.
  • The online InfoCenter and the manuals are now on different pages. Relinked accordingly and added a link to the Beta V7 InfoCenter.
  • Linked to SSL configuration of the WebSphere MQ Java/JMS client, a developerWorks article from 2005.
  • Linked to Enhancing WebSphere MQ JMS security using the Object Authority Manager, another dW article from 2005. This one shows you how to extend the OAM.

Links page

  • Added a link to Martyn Ruks latest white paper on WMQ security. I might not have been so quick to offer to review it if I had known it was going to be 80+ pages long! But it’s good stuff and I am looking forward to Part 2.


  • Added last-update date and time to all pages.  This necessitated changing them from .htm to .php so I had to add a quick 404 catcher.  I will code this up to transparently forward requests to the old pages as soon as I get some time.
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