If it aint broke – fix it anyway.

My web site has not ever been much of anything special.  I’m no artist so the site design was never flashy.  I just tried to keep it plain and easy to load.  The content has mainly been things I needed to make available for download on the public site and protected pages for clients (back when I consulted for myself and not for IBM).  It was never ambitious but it was all I needed.

Until now.

There is so much going on right now in the WebSphere MQ world that my column in every second issue of developerWorks Tech Journal just is not enough to keep up.  And I’ve got a few things on my mind that don’t exactly fit the developerWorks content guidelines.  If I don’t write them down, my head is in danger of exploding.  So here to the rescue is the inaugural post of the Store and Forward Messages blog.  I anticipate that the content will mainly be about WebSphere MQ topics but certainly not limited to that.  All I can really say at this point is it will all be categorized so nobody will have to wade through the latest amusing things my grandson did to find that post about the latest new WMQ v7 feature.

Mark Taylor’s presentation about the new features of WMQ v7 shows several different Publish/Subscribe models that the product supports.  There’s one-to-many, many-to-many, many-to-one and what Mark calls “the blogging model” which is one-to-none.  Mark, this first post is dedicated to you.  I have no subscribers as this is being written.  As an homage, I’ll try to keep it that way.

Well, that’s it for now.   The website wasn’t broken but needed fixing anyway.  Maybe someday I’ll get around to integrating the web site theme to the blog theme or the other way around. Probably not though.  If it aint’ broke…

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