Coming to an event near you!

Travel has been working out well lately.  I’ve just sort of been making my own events.  Case in point, I wanted to attend the PDCNYC meeting so I put the word out I’d be available in NYC and immediately got several requests.  And that was just working with a few the IBM account folks.  I didn’t exactly broadcast my availability.

Well, now I am.

IBM will send me pretty much get to anywhere in North America so long as I can meet with two or more customers (but not at the same time).  If I line up 4 or more customers I can visit other continents.  So if you want to meet in person to talk security…or clustering, architecture, high availability, migration, AMS, FTE, MQTT, identity, privacy, Internet of Things, whatever, let me know.  Maybe I can find a few others in your area and we can work something out.

Upcoming trips include:

  • Monday evening, April 8: PDCNYC
  • April 9 – 10: Customer visits, Jersey City/NYC area.
  • April 28 – May 3: IMPACT, Las Vegas (Book signing, Tuesday at Noon.)
  • May 6 – 9: Internet Identity Workshop #16, Mountain View, CA.
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