Deep Queue #13: Unlucky number thirteen

After a month unplanned hiatus, The Deep Queue is back.  This month we are talking about high availability, which is obviously something The Deep Queue lacks.  This may not seem like a security topic at first glance but to my way of thinking it is.  There is no perfect security so, no matter how much you invest in protection, it’s a good idea to assume there will be a breach at some point.  When that happens you need to detect it and recover from it.  For that reason, whenever I perform a security assessment, monitoring and recovery are considered.   The first segment talks about planning for recovery from an adverse security event.

The second segment is all about the new v7.0.1 of WebSphere MQ!  Yes, the long awaited refresh pack is released and you can download it now.  In addition, the product manuals are all updated with the new features.  The v7.0 release was massive and it seems hard to believe it would be followed so quickly by another release with this much functionality but the folks in Hursley apparently don’t sleep.  There’s lots of detail in the podcast and at the links below.

Links for this episode:

IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0 is enhanced with increased availability, security, and governance
IBM United States Software Announcement 209-245
August 25, 2009

IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS V7.0.1 delivers storage and memory improvements and increased availability for queue-sharing groups
IBM United States Software Announcement 209-248
August 25, 2009

developerWorks: Mission:Messaging: Planning for SSL on the WebSphere MQ network

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