IBM announces WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition

Preview Announcement letter
New product Web site

Availability is projected as 4Q08.  The email announcement I received promised an upcoming webcast.  No link was provided at this time for the webcast but when one is announced, I’ll post it here.

I haven’t had a look at the security features and controls for this product yet but the announcement mentions audit logging, automation and instrumentation so I am optimistic.

Setting aside security for a moment though, this is sure to be received warmly by the WMQ community.  I know of many cases where WMQ is being used to move files with a homegrown application.  There are a number of challenges in moving files over a message-oriented protocol that need to be solved and it just seems like having hundreds of shops write custom solutions of varying quality is not the right answer.  Much better to have a vendor solve the thorniest problems, provide code that is tested in a wide variety of shops with vastly differing use cases, and guarantee forward compatibility for a small maintenance fee.

All in all, I’d say this is very good news.

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