This page contains links to content that I have authored or contributed to in some way and links to the sites of friends with similar interests in WebSphere MQ security.

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WebSphere MQ v7.1 & v7.5 content

WebSphere MQ v6.0 and v7.0 content


White Papers

  • White Paper: IBM Websphere MQ Security
    The first in a series of white papers discussing IBM Websphere MQ security has been released by Martyn Ruks of MWR InfoSecurity. This paper is listed here because I provided “ongoing insight and advice”.



  • Keys Botzum – Keys is very active in the WebSphere Application Server community and has been instrumental in improving security both in the product and in the field.  Keys is a contributor ot the WAS Security Blog.
  • Martyn Ruks – Martyn publishes security research on the MWR Infosecurity web site.
  • Tom Schneider – Tom is an IBM colleague who is very knowledgeable about MQ security and the guy I go to with my mainframe questions.  I’ve linked to his articles from the WebSphere MQ page.

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